If you do not measure conversions in one way or another, you are not measuring the success of your AdWords campaigns. But what should you look at – conversions or converted clicks? What do those numbers really mean? Depending on your goals, should you track one or the other? Read on…

Now that your AdWords campaign is up and running, you will start collecting data on its performance; which is paramount to making sound decisions on what to keep and what to discard in said campaign. While click-through-rate or cost-per-click figures can individually help you discover which keywords or ad groups outperform others, they will not give you a correct feedback on the success of your campaign. To do so, you have to setup specific conversions in the system and look at those numbers in the long run.

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In today’s online marketing world it isn’t enough just to get people to your website in order to make a sale. As competition online has increased significantly, it is important that you harness every visitor that you have.

Even if visitors don’t purchase from you, it is important to make sure that every visitor has provided some insights for your online marketing strategy.

This can be achieved with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). CRO allows you to setup multiple variations of design layouts, sales copy, images and website functionality to see which converts better.

The important thing to know is there is no magic formula for CRO. Having a blue button won’t get 17% more conversions than a red button on all sites. All you can do is employ best practice and see how your users interact. Sometimes to results are counter intuitive, but then again so is human nature.

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Social media user trends are shifting, and instead of flocking to Facebook, millennials are choosing the image-based Instagram to document their lives. According to a blog post from the social network itself, Instagram had over 300 million users as of December 2014. Instead of focusing on text-heavy content, update your current content strategy, learn how to target your audience on Instagram, and let pictures do the talking for you. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to post like a pro:

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In our previous post, we have addressed the brand bidding issue that many advertisers face. Simply put – if you do not bid on your brand as a keyword and someone else is, then your competition will make business on your back. Now that you understand the urge of brand bidding, here is how you can do it the smart way. Read on…

After having read our previous post, you have finally made your decision – you will include your brand as a keyword in your paid campaigns. Well done! But at this stage, you might be wondering about the ins and outs of the campaign setup and mostly the dreaded cannibalisation effect – will you really pay for clicks you might have gotten for free anyway?

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Are you interested in learning how to enhance the appearance of your listing in the search engine results? In this article we will show you how to add special code to your web pages to stand out from your competitors.

It is one thing to rank well for your key search terms, but you can make these rankings work harder for you, by drawing customers eyes to your listing, and making more people actually click through to your website.

Just as you can enhance an ebay listing by paying more for a bold heading, or a gallery image to increase click through rate (CTR) you can use Schema markup to make certain types of content stand out in the SERP’s.

And the best part is, it’s free!

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The range of keywords you can bid on in any Paid Search platform is near infinite. We all know about long tail queries, comparison terms, intent-driven keywords and the like – but if there is one question that needs resolving, it is the ever-ending ‘Should I bid on my brand?’ interrogation. In this 2 articles’ serie, we cover the current situation and provide you with a definitive solution! Read on…

This is one good question we get often asked – why should I bid on my brand anyway? I am already enjoying top organic rankings and, if people are looking for my brand, they will either go to my website directly or click on the first organic listing, right?

Well – it’s not that simple…

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Sometimes you want to track how many times users download particular files like newsletters and application forms as these act as micro conversions or steps along the path to your major conversions and business goals.

In this article we will look at how to track downloads as Events in Google Universal Analytics (UA) by using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to monitor for clicks on downloads and then fire the event tag.

If you are an SEO Company looking to set this up for a client, this is particularly helpful because you can avoid having to wait for developers and get this setup fairly quickly.

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If you have been using Google Tag Manager, you know it’s a great tool to implement all your tracking tags and code snippets in one centralised container.

Once the container code is added just after the HTML <body> tag on every page of your site, you no longer need to bother a developer to add or change tags in the future, as you no longer need to edit code on the site.

It also has many of the most common tags like Google Analytics, Adwords, Doubleclick & Floodlight built in to the system, allowing you to fill out the relevant details in the GTM interface avoiding having to type the code manually, or experience errors due to copying and pasting.

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Many seem to forget that Google AdWords is not the only available Search Ads Platform out there. But very few advertisers actually market products or services on Bing Ads, for various reasons. In this post, we look at benefits and disadvantages of Microsoft Ad Platform and provide you with the final answer: are Bing Ads worth it? Read on…

Google AdWords are enjoying such a dominant position in the Search world (70% in USA, up to 90% in Australia!), it’s no wonder why advertisers pray its reach: after all, you’d better fish where the fish are!

There are however many advantages in looking for alternatives or complements. Is Bing one of them? How could advertising on Bing be profitable, how could we maximise its potential?

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In the first part of this Remarketing Going Wrong series, we tackled a few issues that could arise when launching off a Remarketing Campaign, such as no impressions or no clicks. This month, we will cover two new head scratching problems one can encounter: the campaign is not generating conversions or its cost is way too high. Read on…

After having carefully selected your audiences, your ad message and your bidding settings, you have embarked on your Remarketing journey. After a few days, checking your stats, you realise that this is not exactly going as it should be… Let us help you uncover what went wrong and how to solve it.

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