The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to step back, reflect, and see your website with a fresh perspective. Just as we make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, the start of 2015 is a great opportunity to look at your website from your customer’s perspective, and perform a website health check.

Let’s examine 3 areas of your website to make sure it is meeting the customer’s needs.

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What happens after a searcher has landed on your website is mostly based on consistency of marketing message and psychology. In this post, we uncover the secret to the perfect landing page – the one that converts!

Launching a fantastic Search Engine Marketing campaign always involves crafting at least one landing page per defined AdGroup. This is the only way to make sure your message is tailored to your audience needs and to your own conversion goals. However, some landing pages are bound to be more successful than others… Here are 10 aspects of any successful landing pages that you can apply to your campaigns today.

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Why not take some time to review your most established campaigns so you can reap the benefits in the New Year?

Now that we are a few weeks shy of 2015, it’s definitely good timing for those well-meant New Year resolutions!

As a seasoned marketer, you have probably been running AdWords campaigns for a while with undoubtedly great results. However, there is always room for improvement and even properly optimised campaigns need a bit of a refresh from time to time.

In this article, we cover 15 PPC tips for 2015 – to make sure you start the year with a bang!

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In order for content marketing to be successful, you need a consistent way to generate ideas that are interesting, useful and worth clicking on.

Generating a large number of content ideas can be difficult unless you have a system to capture them and alert you to new trends in your chosen industry.

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Running an AdWords campaign for the Christmas season can seem like a daunting task. There are so many advertisers competing at the exact same time to garner attention from the same potential clients – so how do you ensure success? Read on…

Coincidentally, Christmas is also coming this year! While this might not be a huge surprise, it’s now time to get prepared for the massive spike in interest, demand and sales the end of the year generates for many businesses. We have broken down our list of seasonal advice and tips in Before and During chapters to allow you to make the most out of this Christmas Season on AdWords – and boost your Return on Investment!

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is consistently creating something of real value, and then distributing it to places where your ideal customer is already searching for it.

You are not asking the customer directly to buy your product or service, but giving them something useful that establishes you as an expert and builds rapport with them. This should underpin your entire content strategy.

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When engaging in Search Engine Marketing on the Display Network, the savvy marketer possesses many ways to fine tune his campaign to get to the desired outcome. From Campaign Structure to Conversions Numbers and most notably Targeting, here are our top Display Network Tips for running a successful AdWords campaign and be profitable…

Advertising on Google Display Network (or GDN) is a very different strategy than advertising on Search. On the latter, the searcher has expressed an interest on a product you sell; whether it’s by looking for a solution to a problem he encounters or suggestions for a present or future event in his life.

With Display, you basically advertise to someone who is not at that stage yet – you market your offering to an audience. This is why you need to set your expectations elsewhere.

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At the beginning of 2014 there was a major milestone in the way we use the internet. For the first time in history, Mobile internet usage has overtaken the Desktop PC.

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Ready to start with Search Engine Marketing? Here are iiWorks’ Top 5 AdWords Remarketing Tips to make the most out of Google’s reengagement platform.

Since the launch of Google AdWords’ Remarketing functionality back in 2010, advertisers have been able to focus on users’ reengagement with nearly unlimited segmentation and ad delivery capabilities from their preferred Search Engine Marketing tool.

Not only is it possible to target a very specific audience with a carefully crafted message; but also at a much lower cost than traditional AdWords. Is this the ideal marketing plan? Not too fast…

As with any tactic, there are traps and pitfalls to avoid. In this piece, we cover our Top 5 Remarketing tips and strategies to make sure you get the outcome you desire from that fabulous tool.

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Preparing to launch an ecommerce site? Here are 7 internet marketing tips to enhance your take-off.

Opening an online store can be very daunting with so many decisions to make. On top of this you need to consider how important internet marketing is to the success of your site. Whether you’re taking the big leap to bringing your business online or starting your own ecommerce website from scratch, there are certain decisions you need to make that can affect the commercial viability of your site. Here are seven key factors to consider when creating an ecommerce website for your company.

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