7 Essential Blogging Tips For Companies

Blog your way to higher conversion rates by following these blogging tips.

There are many benefits to having a company blog. These seven blogging tips can help you drive traffic to your website, generate new business leads and provide existing customers with interesting, engaging content. Blogging can also help improve your Search Engine rankings if you optimise your content for keywords, give other websites great content to link back to and encourage people to share your content via social media – find out more.

Blogging tips #1: Position yourself as an expert

People who are reading blogs are often at the research phase of the buying cycle and ideally, you want your website to capture buyers at every stage. Use your blog to position company representatives as experts offering tips and advice, answering questions from readers and publishing survey results, latest news and information about industry events. You want your blog to be the first point of reference for information about your industry.

Blogging tips #2: Keep it fresh, interesting and original

Your website may be your main sales channel but blogging is not an opportunity to take a ‘sell sell sell’ approach and bombard your readers with information about your products. Instead, blogs should add value, enhance and enrich your customer’s experiences with your products. Provide a mix of blog posts, videos, PowerPoint presentations and webinars to engage and enthral your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Blogging tips #3: Encourage feedback and interaction

By opening your blog to comments, you add a whole new dimension to your blogging experience. It can be used as a market research tool to find out valuable insights about your products and services. By having question and answer type posts, ending your blog posts with a question or including a call to action, blogging encourages feedback and interaction. When people respond to posts, ensure you write a timely response back.

Blogging tips #4: Take it to a personal level

Blogging and social media are the perfect opportunities for businesses to bridge the distance between the customer and company and start a rich conversation that results in improved brand awareness and ultimately sales. People want to put a face to a business. Ways in which you can do this is feature guest bloggers in different departments, publish pictures of company events and staff members and share personal anecdotes.

Blogging tips #5: Make it easier to share your posts

An important part of blogging is to make it easy for your community to share your posts and integrate social media buttons on your site. Google has hinted that social signals (the number of times that content is shared, tweeted, liked and posted) are an algorithm ranking factor and influencing Search Engine rankings. By including social media buttons, embed codes and widgets on your website, you can make your content easier to share.

Blogging tips #6: Implement a Social Media strategy

Posting your blog articles across your Social Media platforms is a great way to cross-promote your content. This may include your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account and YouTube for videos. You can set up feeds for certain platforms such as LinkedIn so your articles appear automatically on your pages. In turn, as above, promote your social presence on your blog by implementing links, buttons and widgets linking to social profiles.

Blogging tips #7: Optimise your content

There is a continual focus on quality recent, relevant and original content and quality link building. Each post you write should be optimised with relevant keywords. A Search Engine sees a link back to your site from a high quality, relevant site as a validation your blog is also high quality. People sharing your content and recommending it to others, as above, may be influence your Search Engines rankings positively.

With company blogs, you can increase your brand exposure, drive traffic to your website, improve sales leads and ultimately increase your conversion rate. The Internet Intelligence Works blog is updated regularly with internet marketing and blogging tips just like this one. Researching and keeping up to date with the latest and best practices in key areas such as internet marketing, SEO, web design and social media marketing are a key focus for our team.

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