Big Data Analytics

Sometimes you want to track how many times users download particular files like newsletters and application forms as these act as micro conversions or steps along the path to your major conversions and business goals.

In this article we will look at how to track downloads as Events in Google Universal Analytics (UA) by using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to monitor for clicks on downloads and then fire the event tag.

If you are an SEO Company looking to set this up for a client, this is particularly helpful because you can avoid having to wait for developers and get this setup fairly quickly.

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Learn from your visitors how they use your website with Google Analytics so you can tailor your internet marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics is a feature-rich web analytics tool that gives you statistics on your website to assist you in optimising your site and help funnel internet marketing campaigns. Provided by Google, it is one of the most popular and free metric tools readily available on the internet. Statistics are vital to any online property; as it helps funnelling marketing efforts. Here is a basic guide to the online tools and reports and what they can tell you about your website traffic.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web statistics tool provided by dominant Search Engine Google that provides metrics on the way that people find your website, how they navigate your website and interact with your website. Sign up for a Google Account so you can download and implement the specific tracking code necessary for data collection and analysis This is installed on the footer of each page of your website usually by your web developer.


The first report on your Dashboard gives you a deeper insight about the people who are visiting your website. The data shows you how much time they are spending on your site, the overall bounce rate and average page views. You can even see what percentage of your traffic is new and returning visitors and measure their loyalty. The statistics also tell you whether people have accessed your site via a mobile device and what browser they are using.

Traffic sources

This internet marketing report will give you an overview of how people found your website and provide keyword analysis to find out what keywords are sending the most traffic and conversions. Traffic sources may include people typing your address into a browser or clicking on a bookmarked site (direct), Search Engine traffic (organic), people clicking onto your website from another website (referral) or pay-per-click advertising (paid).


This report gives you an in depth analysis of how hard web pages are working on your site. The data can tell you how pages are being viewed on your site, what are the top landing pages, the most common exit pages and the pages with the highest bounce rate. A high bounce rate usually indicates that the content on the page was either not very engaging or it wasn’t relevant to visitors.


Google Analytics allows you to set up to 20 conversion goals for your website. This may include how many people are filling out contact forms, booking hotel rooms or downloading a sales brochure. This report allows you to troubleshoot any potential problems in the path to conversion, what keywords, internet marketing campaigns or adwords strategies are working best and help you learn how to convert visitors to sales.

Google Analytics can provide important data about your website and includes basic to advanced segmented reports for those new to SEO to seasonal professionals. Internet Intelligence Works is a boutique SEO agency including a web design team, copywriting team and link development team with SEO experts that work with you to fine-tune your internet marketing campaigns through Google Analytics.

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