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A beautiful web design is core to a company’s online revenue. A project manager should be hired to oversee the web design process…

Good web design is a collaborative effort between a web designer, the web project manager and key decision makers. All parties must work together as a team to pull off a successful design project to fulfil the website design brief on time and within budget. Here are five ways you can avoid derailing your web design project and throwing deadlines off track.

Make the right choice

Firstly you have to decide whether you will use an in-house designer or outsource your web design. Being a great designer is not enough. Your web designer must be able to liaise with clients, be able to work with design briefs, achieve web design aims without comprising their design sensibilities and know the value of a deadline.

Don’t be blind-sided by a web designer’s portfolio. Make sure you get recommendations and references for a potential web designer. Read more about the ten questions to ask your web designer.

The inmates are running the asylum

Web designers and programmers should not be making the decisions of executives in the company. Web designers do what they do best and create a beautiful web design but they may lack the client liaison skills to be able to work with difficult or demanding clients. In this instance, there should be a project manager allocated to the project who can act as a go-between between the web designer and the client.

Too many chefs in the kitchen

There should be one person responsible for managing the project and someone who can mediate between the wish-list by the client and an achievable design and guide the project from concept to implementation. In many cases, this is a project manager. Having too many key decision makers is one of the major reasons why hotel web design projects fail or are not completed within time constraints.

Hosing down unrealistic expectations

This is where a good project manager steps in to hose down unrealistic expectations at the start of a project. It’s not the senior executives fault per se – they lack the expertise and experience to understand the limitations of web design within certain time or budget restraints. A quality website design build may take several months not weeks of planning.

Not getting buy-in from top executives

At the start of the project, it is important to involve high-level executives who need to approve the project and involve them at each key decision point. It can be a costly and time consuming mistake to proceed along the path of design without adequate sign-off. Potentially the web design project may have to start from scratch if the design does not meet with approval or there is tweaks that are needed to be made to the design.

Not allocating enough time to the project

A website launch or relaunch may be pushed back because not enough time has been allocated to the project in the web design process. A web designer has to be briefed on the web design, provided with appropriate images and content and require constant feedback. Deadlines must be managed at all stages of the design process to be able to hit the final launch date.

Find out how iiWorks can make the design process a whole lot easier and create a beautiful and functional website within deadline and budget. Badly managed web design projects can be very costly and time consuming – the more the deadlines are mismanaged or pushed back, the more costly and frustrating the project will be.

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Your website is a reflection of your business so what is the first impression does your website make on your visitors?

A website redesign ideally should occur at least every five years but if your website is not ranking in Search Engines and not compliant with SEO, your website design is looking a bit old and tired, the navigation is unclear and you do not have a content management system, you may want to consider upgrading your website. A website is often the first port of call when a potential customer wants to find out about your business but unfortunately for some companies the first impression is not always a good one. Here are five good reasons to give your website a makeover.

Your website is not visible on Search Engines

Some websites are not visible in Search Engines for their own company name let alone keywords or key phrases relevant to their business and this is a very good reason to consider an SEO Web design. Search Engine Optimisation was not always considered a priority in Web design and for some companies it is still an afterthought but it is recommended that you hire an SEO company to work with your website developer to create a website that has a Search Engine friendly infrastructure.

Your website has a high bounce rate

Your website may be ranking well in Search Engines for your company name and keywords and phrases relevant to your company or industry but visitors may be turned off by your Web design. Outdated Web design trends include annoying music, animation, splash pages or text-heavy websites. For an SEO Web design to be successful, not only must you be able to drive traffic from Search Engines, you must be able to keep them on your website, well at least for 10 seconds with the ultimate goal being conversion.

Your website does not have a content management system (CMS)

This is one of the major reasons behind a website redesign or upgrade. Search Engines have a preference for websites which are regularly updated with new and interesting content and it is a very important part of SEO Web design. An easy to use content management system (CMS) will allow you to be able to create, edit and delete content without having to be a coding expert or pay a developer to update your website each time you need to upload or change content which can be very costly.

Your website has a long loading time

A potential customer may see your website on their Search Engine results and click through to your website. However as Google has discovered, Web surfers do not like websites that load slowly – they may leave your website and look at your competitor’s offerings instead. It has become such an important factor that Google has included site speed as a new signal in their search ranking algorithms and says that as well as improving useability, improving site speed also reduces operating costs.

Your website navigation is confusing and unclear

Another strong motivation for a SEO website redesign is that users find your website navigation confusing or there are too many steps to conversion. Ideally a website should only have three levels of navigation at most before they find the information they are looking for and should not have to click through numerous pages on your website. If they cannot find anything in the first three clicks, they may just exit your website altogether.

Your website isn’t compliant in all browsers

Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are updated regularly but your website may not be updated as often. When you first designed your website, it may have looked the same across different browsers but five years later with the launch of new browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera and different versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, this may no longer be the case and an SEO Web design may be required.

Your website is not generating leads

If your website is visible in Search Engines and has a manageable bounce rate but is still not generating leads or your conversion rate is low, then an SEO Web design may be required. There are several reasons for this; your website may not appear secure or credible so visitors are turned off from purchasing from your website, your call-to-action buttons may not be very visible on the website or the steps to conversion may be confusing and time consuming.

If your site suffers from any of the problems mentioned here, then it may be time for an SEO Web Design. Contact us and find out how we can create a modern and professional looking website that is easy to navigate, has a simple to use content management system and ranks well in Search Engines. Internet Intelligence Works has SEO experts available to help you analyse your existing website and decide whether an SEO Web design is needed.

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