Are you interested in learning how to enhance the appearance of your listing in the search engine results? In this article we will show you how to add special code to your web pages to stand out from your competitors.

It is one thing to rank well for your key search terms, but you can make these rankings work harder for you, by drawing customers eyes to your listing, and making more people actually click through to your website.

Just as you can enhance an ebay listing by paying more for a bold heading, or a gallery image to increase click through rate (CTR) you can use Schema markup to make certain types of content stand out in the SERP’s.

And the best part is, it’s free!

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Sometimes you want to track how many times users download particular files like newsletters and application forms as these act as micro conversions or steps along the path to your major conversions and business goals.

In this article we will look at how to track downloads as Events in Google Universal Analytics (UA) by using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to monitor for clicks on downloads and then fire the event tag.

If you are an SEO Company looking to set this up for a client, this is particularly helpful because you can avoid having to wait for developers and get this setup fairly quickly.

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If you have been using Google Tag Manager, you know it’s a great tool to implement all your tracking tags and code snippets in one centralised container.

Once the container code is added just after the HTML <body> tag on every page of your site, you no longer need to bother a developer to add or change tags in the future, as you no longer need to edit code on the site.

It also has many of the most common tags like Google Analytics, Adwords, Doubleclick & Floodlight built in to the system, allowing you to fill out the relevant details in the GTM interface avoiding having to type the code manually, or experience errors due to copying and pasting.

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Following up, from our previous article on “how-to” setup Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), are insights into using some of the most valuable features from this tool.   We will look at how to use these features to get a clearer picture of a site’s health and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Don’t overlook these important features…

Identify Top Search Queries: The “Search Queries” page shows Google searches that pointed to your site. Also, available is information about the top pages (pages on your site that were seen most often in search results).

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries

Google Webmaster Tools – Search Queries

The default “Search Queries” report shows combined stats for all searches.  However, you can use the filters to get a variety of specific queries such as by location, specific media type or containing (or even excluding) specific words or phrases. Use this report to show changes in average rankings for a deeper look at your SEO strategy.

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Setting up Google Webmaster tools to monitor the health of your website

Google Webmaster Tools is a free web based dashboard linked to your Google account that keeps you informed about your sites health and its current status in Google’s search engine. It also allows site owners to inform Google about new content via a sitemap, and deal with any Malware or security issues.

Google Webmaster Tools works hand in hand with Google Analytics to give you a clearer picture of how your site is performing.

Having a properly configured Webmaster Tools account will help you to:

  • See Traffic: How are people are finding your site?
    • The keywords they use
    • The most popular pages
    • The rank and position changes for popular terms related to your site
  • Identify technical problems with the site
  • Security Issues & Spam attacks
  • Find some of the top Links pointing at your site
  • Advises Google the region you are targeting
  • The preferred version of the site you would like to see in search results
    g. or

In this Google Webmaster Tools tutorial we will show you how to set it up correctly from the beginning, so you can monitor the health of your site and inform Google of any changes.

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The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to step back, reflect, and see your website with a fresh perspective. Just as we make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, the start of 2015 is a great opportunity to look at your website from your customer’s perspective, and perform a website health check.

Let’s examine 3 areas of your website to make sure it is meeting the customer’s needs.

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Build your website’s reputation and increase your online footprint through link building and local internet marketing.

Adding your website listing to relevant directories is an important part of local internet marketing and boosting your local search rankings. The key is to find high-authority websites that are deemed to be quality, trustworthy and credible directories in the eyes of Search Engines. The focus is on relevancy – what may work for one business may not work for your company. Here are five ways to find directories for link building and citation activities.

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Here are some tips to picking the right internet marketing services company for your specific needs.

With so many internet marketing services companies in the market over promising and under delivering, it can quickly become very confusing and overwhelming to try and pick the best provider. While it is true that the cheapest company is not always better, quality doesn’t always have to come at the highest price on the market. Here are seven ways to evaluate an online marketing company that works best for you and your budget.

Proven performance and experience

When evaluating an internet marketing services provider, look for a company that has a proven record of performance and experience in the market. Some agencies may have a list of clients they have worked for in the past and also testimonials and case studies that you can take a look at. You can always ask to speak to one of the clients as well and ask them about the specifics of their business relationship with the online marketing company.

Word of mouth

One of the best ways to find an internet marketing services company is to ask your friends, family, work colleagues and associates you have met at business networking groups. Word of mouth is very important for the credibility of a company. Not only can you ask them about a company’s performance but you can also ask them about their customer service levels which are not always easy to gauge until you start working with a consultancy.

Google them

Once you have a shortlist, it’s always a good idea to Google the company and important representatives like the CEO. You want to monitor their online reputation; find any positive or more importantly negative reviews, read articles about them, what is being said about them on online forums, social media networks and so forth. You are looking for ideally unbiased and independent online chatter about the internet marketing services provider.

Search Engine rankings

Search Engine rankings are a critical component of internet marketing so another way to evaluate a consultancy is to look at their keyword positions for related keywords. Search for online marketing-related terms (both singular and plural) such as ‘online marketing company’, ‘internet marketing agency’ and so on followed by your location. Ideally, you want to find an agency that is familiar with the locality you are targeting.

Social media networks

Add yourself to the social media accounts of the online marketing companies in your shortlist such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and start monitoring their online chat. You can determine more about the corporate culture and personality of the company by the way they interact with their online community. You can have a look at the articles they publish, the comments they post and so forth to get a real feel for the company.

Added value

It may be more economical to hire an online marketing company who can provide a package with several services such as web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media marketing and so on. Do your research and find out whether they are specialised in each field – it may be more cost and time efficient to only deal with one internet marketing services provider, maximising your sales opportunities.


The price of an online marketing company needs to be taken into account but it has to be weighed up against the reputation, credibility and performance of the company. A professional internet marketing services provider should really pay for itself in terms of the increased profitability it can bring to your business. The old adage in business that you have to spend money to make money really rings true for online marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for an internet marketing company, why not contact Internet Intelligence Works and ask to speak to one of our consultants. Internet Intelligence Works is a full-service agency with Website Developers, Online Marketing Consultants, Copywriting Team and Link Building Analysts to provide internet marketing services such as Search Engine Optimisation, link building, web design and social media marketing.

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Do what you do well and outsource the rest – discover the benefits of using a full-service SEO agency.

One of the decisions you may have to make as a marketing manager is decide whether to use a full-service SEO agency or hire specialised consultants to fulfil your online marketing campaigns. A fully integrated internet marketing company can manage all aspects of your online activities to give your business a consistent digital message and more value. We show you four benefits of hiring an interactive agency for your brand and your budget.


Working with a full-service SEO agency may be more economical than working with individual service providers. With integrated consultancy, you may get tiered pricing and the ability to pay for everything in one package, often proving to be more cost-effective than hiring multiple agencies to do the work for you. Make sure each separate division has specialised and experts in their chosen field to ensure you are receiving the best service.

One point of contact

A full-service SEO agency is a ‘one stop shop’ where you are usually allocated a dedicated SEO consultant who will be your one point of contact and will work with you across all your different online marketing campaigns. This means the client only has to worry about managing a relationship with one main agency versus trying to coordinate relationships with multiple agencies saving you time as well as money (see affordability above).

Integration and cohesion

When you work with an interactive marketing company across all online marketing campaigns, you are assured of uniformity in the way they are implemented. There will be no confusion as to what your objectives are as everyone in the agency would have been briefed, in detail, on your project. A full-service SEO agency offers a seamless integration and a better likelihood of consistency in brand messages across all platforms.

Large pool of resources

When you have commissioned full-service SEO agency to work on your campaigns, you will have access to a large pool of resources. An SEO consultant will be able to brainstorm ideas with fellow SEO experts and senior members of staff as well as liaise with copywriting professionals, link building analysts, social media specialists and web developers to get their expert advice and technical know-how without you paying a cent more for the service.

If you are looking for an internet marketing company , why not contact the SEO experts at iiWorks. iiWorks is a full-service SEO agency with a team of online marketing consultants, copywriting team, link building analysts and website developers to provide interactive services such as Search Engine Optimisation, and link building, social media marketing and website design.

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Read about the most common SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them.

On face value, do it yourself (DIY) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may save you money but online marketing should be seen as investment not a cost. With a lot of businesses a website may be your main sales funnel – if it is penalised by Google and drops in its rankings, you may find that your online revenue drops significantly as well. Here are seven of the common SEO mistakes a small business can make.

Targeting the wrong keywords

This is one of the more common SEO mistakes that a company can make – choosing the right keywords can make or break a campaign. Often new business start ups like to chase after ‘trophy’ and short-tail keywords that have a lot of competition such as ‘Sydney gyms’ but may neglect longer tail keywords such as ‘Women only gyms: Inner West’. This is just one of the common keyword mistakes that companies can fall prey to.

Your website is image-heavy and text-light

A common problem is that websites can have a lot of images and little text. Alternatively, you may have text on the page but your website is developed on a technical platform that isn’t Search Engine-friendly such as Flash. This makes it harder for robots to crawl over the pages and index your site. It also makes it very difficult for an SEO consultant to optimise your website – there needs to be a workable balance between images and text.

Your site has no back links

If you are optimising your own website, you may be conversant with on-page optimisation but you may be unfamiliar with off-page optimisation. One of the most important elements of SEO is your link building profile. Search Engines see links back to your website as a validation or ‘vote’ for your website. But don’t fall for another of the common link building mistakes – the websites need to be relevant, trustworthy and credible.

Hard to use content management system (CMS)

The wrong choice of CMS can thwart your SEO efforts and that’s why it’s ideal that an SEO expert is consulted at the start of the website design process if possible to help you choose a SEO-friendly CMS and technical platform. With the right CMS you can create keyword-rich URLs, customise the title tags and meta data, edit the anchor text for links, easily add, edit and delete content and so much more.

Forgetting about conversion

SEO has evolved from being just all about rankings – one of the most common SEO mistakes is to just look at your rankings and lose focus on conversion. Developing your keyword portfolio is only one part of the optimisation puzzle – SEO is a holistic online marketing strategy. You need to look at the optimisation of your landing pages, the quality of copywriting and your website design to convert visits into sales.

No SEO maintenance

There is no end date with Search Engine Optimisation. You may have contracted an SEO company to work with you on the optimisation of your website but whether you choose to go on a maintenance plan or take your SEO in-house, it will require ongoing attention. Your rankings will not fall overnight but if you want to keep ahead of your competitors, you will need to be diligent about the continual optimisation of your site.

Ignoring your SEO consultant

You have taken the time to research SEO companies and employ an SEO consultant so it stands to reason that you should try and take onboard their recommendations and make the suggested changes to your site. If you go against their advice or try and optimise your site without telling your SEO expert, you are only potentially sabotaging your own SEO efforts and throwing your hard-earned cash away in the process.

If your business and website has grown and developed well beyond DIY SEO then it may be time to hire a professional SEO consultant. Contact us to find out more about SEO Works which is a branch of Internet Intelligence Works and dedicated to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO Works has a team of experts available to analyse your existing website, identify any potential problems and avoid any potential costly SEO mistakes.

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