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Social media user trends are shifting, and instead of flocking to Facebook, millennials are choosing the image-based Instagram to document their lives. According to a blog post from the social network itself, Instagram had over 300 million users as of December 2014. Instead of focusing on text-heavy content, update your current content strategy, learn how to target your audience on Instagram, and let pictures do the talking for you. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to post like a pro:

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Social media is an outlet for every aspect of business these days: public relations, customer service, project development, marketing, and even human resources. With all of the noise you’ll find online, it can be difficult to sift through conversations that are actually relevant to your business and your brand. Just as it’s important to be listening during a face-to-face conversation, it’s essential to be listening to what others are saying about you on social networks—both competitors and consumers. When you lend an ear to your audience, you’ll find out how others perceive your business, learn how to improve your marketing strategy, learn who the influencers are in your industry, and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

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Twitter 2.0 and Your Brand

No matter where you personally stand with the new Twitter profile design, there’s no denying that this latest update has the potential to be a big win for brands.

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Seven tips for those new to Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years, social media marketing has proven itself to be an important part of the marketing mix but as this new medium evolves and develops, in turn so does your promotional strategies. There is more to social networking than merely creating accounts and just showing up. Here are tips to help shape your social media policy and facilitate a rich dialogue with your fans/followers/readers that adds value to your accounts.

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