Digital Display Advertising: A Creative Perspective

With the proliferation of online media options, there has been a strong focus on digital display advertising, and analytics for measurement. However, you should also keep top-of-mind that ultimately it’s the creative that will communicate your businesses proposition, and as such due consideration should be given.

Here are six baseline thoughts you need to consider for your online creative:

  1. Think about what it is you want to communicate and execute simple messaging.
    Digital ad units are a numbers game and are intrusive by their nature. You need to be pithy in your message, ensuring it’s a clear distillation of your value proposition and importantly, that the creative is simple to understand.
  2. Be disruptively relevant but not annoying.
    Think about your ad unit as an intervention in the overall user experience. What will heighten their interest and ensure that it’s engaging and relevant. The worst thing you could do is be deliberately annoying which could do damage to your brand and lead to a poor performing campaign.
  3. Get to know the technical side of being creative.
    Be sure that you understand the technical specification of your media buy. These vary greatly and you can leverage rich media placements so be aware of what you’re buying and ensure your creatives are pushing the technical envelope.
  4. A/B test creative were possible.
    If your media buy supports it and you can afford to run two or more pieces of creative, test different ads units and see how they perform. At the end of the day, creative is subjective, and any mechanism such as A/B testing we can use to refine our thinking, I’m a big supporter of.
  5. Have specific creative for your remarketing.
    If you’ve gone to the effort of investing in remarketing ensure that your creative supports your media strategy. Don’t simply serve the same message, maybe look at the call to action and determine how you can enhance your messaging to prompt the click through.
  6. Align your click through experience.
    If you’ve reached the right person at the right time with the right message, and they click through to your destination URL, make it worth their while. Simply clicking through to a generic landing page won’t be as relevant and effective as a user experience that aligns the digital display ad creative with the landing page, and more importantly continues the conversation while delivering value.


Domenic Brasacchio  Joint Managing Director

Accelerator Communications

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