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Ready to start with Search Engine Marketing? Here are iiWorks’ Top 5 AdWords Remarketing Tips to make the most out of Google’s reengagement platform.

Since the launch of Google AdWords’ Remarketing functionality back in 2010, advertisers have been able to focus on users’ reengagement with nearly unlimited segmentation and ad delivery capabilities from their preferred Search Engine Marketing tool.

Not only is it possible to target a very specific audience with a carefully crafted message; but also at a much lower cost than traditional AdWords. Is this the ideal marketing plan? Not too fast…

As with any tactic, there are traps and pitfalls to avoid. In this piece, we cover our Top 5 Remarketing tips and strategies to make sure you get the outcome you desire from that fabulous tool.

Remarketing Tip 1 – Segment, segment, segment

Remarketing needs to be very specific – but not too much. Crafting an audience of dozens of thousands doesn’t make any sense; the same goes with an audience comprising of only a bunch of individuals. Not only would that be ineffective, but for privacy purposes, Google AdWords prevent Audiences from less than 100 users to be remarketed to.

The key here is building personas. Personas are fictional characters created to figure out user types who will buy specific products/services from you. Look for correlation between demographic groups, locations and purchases types. Get data from previous purchases. Use Google Analytics Demographic & Interest reports to confirm findings. Create Audiences that represent those personas and make sure you have a clear idea of what your marketing message for each of them should be.

Remarketing Tip 2 – Align audience building with your lead cycle

No two businesses are alike and the lead cycle, which is the period of time between initial interest and purchase, evolve with every industry. Hospitality businesses will often witness month-long buying cycles while convenience goods can be purchased instantly or impulsively, resulting in an extremely short lead cycle.

Again, do your research and establish how long it does take to conclude a sale in your industry and business. If you sell online, this data is available from your preferred CRM platform and even from Analytics if properly configured. Make sure you look at seasonal and personas data when setting up your remarketing window: if your window is too long, your list will include prospects having lost interest in your products over time or having moved on to another solution…

Remarketing Tip 3 – Use tailored messages

It might seem logical, but it is not. Each of your Audience needs its proper marketing message; remarketing is not to be confused with generic advertising. You have built up tailored specific audiences according to common behaviours and lead cycles; each of them is interested by something unique, has a distinct profile and is located at a different phase of your buying cycle. They deserve a finely crafted marketing message to be convinced they need to buy from you.

Tailored message can (but do not have to) include an incentive to make sure the sale gets finalised. A discount, free shipping or an upgrade can often make wonders. In a 2012 White Paper looking at Online Shopping Customer Experience, ComScore noted that out of 3.000 asked US customers, the key factor they wanted to see improved would be free or discounted shipping; the exact same top factor they mentioned as leading to a retailer recommendation. Small changes can often make big differences…

Remarketing Tip 4 – Don’t overdo it

Of course, you want your message to be seen. You are eager to make that additional sale. But keep in mind no one wants to be stalked – even online. If you do not set your frequency capping right (which is the number of times your ad is to be served to the same user), you might cross the thin line between visibility and annoyance.

Consider Remarketing as you would consider board advertising – not every single page of the whole web needs to be crammed with your message and visuals. Your brand credibility has a price, don’t waste it.

Remarketing Tip 5 – Remarket to your existing customers as well

Creating an Audience list with recent abandoned cart users is a classic example of Remarketing. Something prevented those individuals to buy at the very last minute and they might need a gentle reminder from you.

However, how about your existing, loyal customers? Remarketing is great tool for upselling and cross selling to your loyal clients. They have bought from you, trusted you in the first place. With decent tracking and configuration in place, you know what they have acquired from your website – why not build up a list of users having bought a specific product type and suggest an upgrade?

Say you have a list ready with users having ordered snowboards from your business – you could implement a Remarketing campaign showcasing matching boots, goggles or additional snow gear to your loyal customers. Make sure however you do not remarket to them right away – wait for them to receive their purchase and build trust in your business.

Reengagement is a data-proven key to doing business, especially because we know that not everyone is going to buy the first time he or she visits a website. With Remarketing, you get additional opportunities to convince prospects they should buy from you. Apply those 5 tips to your remarketing campaigns to increase your bottom line – and forget about the old “out of sight, out of memory” saying.

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