How An Internet Marketing Agency Is Structured

An internet marketing agency may have several teams working behind the scenes on your campaign – find out more.

An internet marketing agency may compromise of different departments that all work together to create a cohesive and integrated online marketing campaign. Each particular team has their own roles and responsibilities and may answer to a dedicated account manager in a larger agency – this person is usually the central point of contact for projects. Learn more about the inside workings of an online marketing agency.

Creative department

The role of this department is to put creative together for clients (campaigns). In a smaller agency, the creative team may speak to clients directly but in a larger consultancy, they may be briefed on projects by someone in the account management team (see below). Again, depending on the size of the company, this department may include staff members such as website designers, website developers, copywriters and graphic designers.

Marketing department

This department may compromise of important team members such as SEO specialists, Pay-Per-Click experts and social media consultants. In a larger company, you may also have the luxury of working with link building analysts and SEO copywriters. Ideally, a client will work with designers to build or redesign their website and then online marketing experts at the same agency will optimise the website on completion of the build or prepare a Pay Per Click or Rich Media campaign.

Account management

The account management team is the face of the organisation and often the first point of contact for clients. Their role in an internet marketing agency is to speak to the client about the project to determine the client’s focus, target audience, postioning and goals. They will use this information to brief the creative and traffic team and together develop a strategy and tactical plan. The main responsibility of account managers is to liaise with the client as well as the creative team and production staff.

Traffic department

The traffic management team is behind the scenes but an important part of an internet marketing agency. Their role is to oversee the flow of work and make sure there are no stumbling blocks in the production process as well as plan and buy media placements. This job requires good organisation skills and an ability to multitask as they may be handling different assignments with varying deadlines. Large companies may have a department of five or more employees.

With a full service online marketing agency, clients are usually allocated one central point of contact who will liaise with different departments in the organisation to ensure the project is delivered within budget and on deadline. At leading internet marketing agency, Internet Intelligence Works, we have web designers, SEO experts, copywriters and link building analysts that can help you with your next campaign – contact us today.

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