Seven Steps To Succeeding Online

Seven basic principles of online marketing strategies that apply to all businesses big or small.

With the onset of the internet, barriers to selling online for small businesses are non-existent and with clever online marketing strategies, it has allowed them to compete with larger companies and create a “bigger than Ben Hur” online presence. So if you’re a ‘David’ rather than a ‘Goliath’ in the business world and want to take on the big boys at their own game, here are seven savvy strategies to make your online presence known.

First impressions count

Your website, social media pages or other online properties are like your electronic calling card. If people click through to your site and the design quality is deemed to be a poor standard or it looks untrustworthy, they will simply leave (bounce *) and visit a competitor’s site. Your online marketing strategies are working hard to drive traffic to your website – don’t let your campaigns down by an inferior and mediocre website design.

Keep your nose clean

One of the most important online marketing strategies today for a business trading online is to monitor their online reputation (ORM). The State of the Media – The Social Media Report Q3 2011 by leading research firm Nielson reports that 60% of social media users create reviews of products and services. Consumer rated/reviewed products and services are the preferred source of information when researching products or services to buy online.

Know who you are as a company

You know you have succeeded in branding your company if it is to be instantly recognisable by the design elements you have used such as your logo, slogan, corporate colours and font and so forth. The communication messages on your online properties should also tow the company line. There should be integration and synergy between your online and offline strategies so when your brand is seen by your customers, they instantly think of you.

Be consistent with keywords

Once you have created a shortlist of keywords or keyword phrases to optimise your website or pay-per-click campaigns, you can go a step further and use the same keywords in your offline marketing campaigns such as your print ads, radio spots, and television commercials . With constant repetition, people will identify these keywords with your business and use them to search for your website online.

Run targeted campaigns

The aim of promotions and advertising should be to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website not merely attract visitors that will bounce * off your site or simply burn up your bandwidth. While the level of traffic generated is important, you should be also monitoring your bounce rate and your conversion rate. You can attract warm leads to your website through these online marketing strategies:

Through online platforms such as websites and social media pages, you have an opportunity to communicate with customers and client’s one-on-one and let people get to know you better. People like to buy from businesses they trust – earn their confidence through social media networking, company articles, newsletters and so on to establish your company as an authority in its field, enhancing your credibility.

Make sales easy

This seems like a no-brainer but how many times have you been on a website and not been able to find the ‘Contact Us’ details? Irrespective of what entry point people have landed on your site, there should be less than three steps to conversion. Simplify the conversion process; provide large and visible “call to action buttons”, design easy to use enquiry forms, make contact details easy to find and so on.

With integrated marketing campaigns and a well designed and optimised website (your main online sales channel), you can make your company a force to be reckoned with and give your competitors a run for their money. Internet Intelligence Works is a full-service agency with Website Developers, SEO Consultants, SEO Copywriting Team and Link Building Analysts that can work with you to devise successful online marketing strategies.

* Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

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