Remarketing – you are doing it wrong – 2/2

In the first part of this Remarketing Going Wrong series, we tackled a few issues that could arise when launching off a Remarketing Campaign, such as no impressions or no clicks. This month, we will cover two new head scratching problems one can encounter: the campaign is not generating conversions or its cost is way too high. Read on…

After having carefully selected your audiences, your ad message and your bidding settings, you have embarked on your Remarketing journey. After a few days, checking your stats, you realise that this is not exactly going as it should be… Let us help you uncover what went wrong and how to solve it.

Issue: no conversions!

Your Remarketing campaign is recording impressions and clicks at decent to good levels but to this date – no conversions. Not one! This is not exactly the kind of results you were hoping for but, rather than waiting for a few more days for the first one to happen, let’s tackle those potential culprits one by one to find how to solve this problem.

Your landing page is not available

That can happen. The landing page URL is not up anymore or it has moved recently. Use the Preview and Diagnosis Tool from within AdWords to check your ads; how they appear and where they lead to.

You are tracking conversions on another domain and have not turned cross-domain tracking on

If you are sending visitors to a third party website to finalise the conversion (say – a Web Booking Engine) but have not turned cross-domain tracking on and/or have not asked for your supplier to implement conversion tracking, you will not see any data flowing. Double check by looking at Real Time data in Google Analytics while a dummy conversion is being made to see where it falls off.

You are not tracking calls

The call extension has been set up correctly and due to your business type, you expect calls from your ads. Make sure to turn call tracking on and to use the Google Forwarding Number functionality to receive this data in AdWords.

You have no clear Call To Action on your landing page

Everything works fine except that visitors do not know what to do next. There are no clues on what you expect them to perform as next action. Make sure there is a very visible and descriptive Call To Action element on every single landing page of your website so that users can keep on with the conversion process.

Your landing page is not correctly aligned with ad message or audience

There is no consistency between your ad message and the landing page itself. You might be sending your visitors to your website homepage; or to an irrelevant page of your website. Say you have an ad for red widgets and you are directing clicks to the generic widgets page or –worse- to another product category. This will never work. Another issue could be that you are marketing to an incorrect audience: let’s imagine your wedding accommodation package is not suitable for the demographics you are targeting; or you do not deliver to their location!

Issue: cost is too high!

Impressions and clicks are happening on a regular basis and you even get regular conversions but your Cost Per Acquisition goes through the roof. This is simply not generating enough return to cover the implied costs. What can you do?

You have not aligned your maximum Cost per Click with your maximum Cost per Acquisition

This is paramount to your success. If you let loose with your CPC, you will end up paying far too much for your new business. Make sure you know the maximal amount you are willing to pay for a sale and stick to it. You will also notice that entering a bidding war for every available ad slot is not always a good idea. Uncover the most profitable keywords (when using Keyword Contextual Targeting) and placements and focus on them solely. Due to the nature of your preselected audience, Remarketing should generate great return – not be a waste.

You are displaying ads on platforms that are not right for you

You should always fine tune your Placements, both individually and by types. There are websites out there you do not wish to associate your brand and image with. The fact that the system automatically targets the best locations, doesn’t mean you should blindly advertise on all of them. Do you wish to market on websites targeting teenagers, discussing conflictual matters or advertise on mobile apps? All of those ads can (and will) generate clicks: make sure they are valuable and bringing you business.

Your campaign has been running for too long

Industry standard estimates Remarketing campaigns should last for around 3 months, no more. Running a longer campaign means your most promising leads might have converted already and the rest of your audience is not interested; you might remarket to someone having already converted (which could backfire in the long run); or you have displayed your message for so long that it became invisible to your audience.


The power of Remarketing relies in settings and social understanding. Identify your audience, align it with your offering and find ways to remind them that you have the solution to their needs. With powerful tools and platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you have the data and knowledge to isolate your most promising users and gently assist them during the conversion process; from awareness to interest to action.

Follow our advice to identify where it did go awry during that process – or Contact Us for an obligation-free chat about our Remarketing services: we are here to help you reach your goals.

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