The Secret to a Perfect Landing Page

What happens after a searcher has landed on your website is mostly based on consistency of marketing message and psychology. In this post, we uncover the secret to the perfect landing page – the one that converts!

Launching a fantastic Search Engine Marketing campaign always involves crafting at least one landing page per defined AdGroup. This is the only way to make sure your message is tailored to your audience needs and to your own conversion goals. However, some landing pages are bound to be more successful than others… Here are 10 aspects of any successful landing pages that you can apply to your campaigns today.

Your Landing Page has just one goal: know it & focus on it

Obviously, every single SEM campaign is different. However, each has a goal, a purpose. Whether you wish to build up your subscription base, generate brand awareness, leads or sales, you have to start with defining the true meaning of your campaign. Only then, will you be able to craft your landing page according to your objectives.

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your campaign, make it the sole focus of your landing page. Do not divert from it by adding elements that you think might add value. Yes, additional information from your prospect might come handy at some stage; but if this is not compulsory at this very moment, refrain from requesting it. Keep the old “don’t make me think” saying in mind and make it easy for your user to convert.

No distraction, no navigation

The key here is that if there is a slight doubt about a page element, then bin it on the spot. Does this embedded video make sense? Remove it. Is it a good idea to bold all copy on page? It just dilutes the key elements. Should we add a paragraph about our company vision? You have a website for that.

This visitor is in the middle of a process and you want to make sure it ends how you want it to end. Ensure success by removing the clutter, doubt and uncertainty that too much copy, large visuals and website navigation bring. The last thing you want is for your new visitor to browse a few pages of your website and then forget why he came here for in the first place! Make your landing page as isolated from your main navigation as possible; while obviously keeping your branding elements intact.

Concentrate on your Unique Value Proposition

Your product/service is unique and offers many advantages – but there is one key element that makes you stand out from the rest. Price point, colour range, fast and free delivery, product quality, stellar consumer service – you need to identify your Unique Value Proposition and make it shine.

Know and use your UVP to show customers why they should choose you. This should be made prominent in your headline copy as to reinforce customers’ opinion that, indeed, they are at the right place.

Know your audience

If at this stage, you have not yet identified your key audience, it’s time to do so. Your market studies will tell you who is more than likely to buy from you. Make sure you have shaped your campaign as to reach out to that demographic. Then build personas to help you focus: by creating fictive individuals and walking in their shoes, you will compile a lot of valuable information on how they will apprehend your landing page.

Make sure you use this information for each and every AdGroup/landing page in your campaigns as it will be a key factor to your success.

Answer their question

What is in here for me? Why should I buy from you? Why do you need this information for? This goes hand in hand with above advice: your prospects are here for something, they have a question, an issue maybe – be the problem solver.

If your campaign has been thoughtfully crafted, you have dedicated AdGroups and appropriated landing pages. Use them as a reinforcement tool that, yes, you have the solution.

Keep forms to a minimum

It may be tempting, now that you have generated interest, to request as much information as possible from your prospects. You never know what could happen next! Well, nothing will ever happen if you start being too inquisitive at this very moment.

A fax number? A street address to download a White Paper? Home, Office and Mobile phone numbers? You do not need any of this. Stick to the very minimum and make sure not to break the charm.

One single Call-To-Action

Make it simple for your prospect to move to the next stage. Only use one call-to-action on your landing page as to avoid doubt (which button do I need to click now?). Use an action verb and make it stand out from the rest of the page.

Build trust

There is a good chance that many prospects will only read a fraction of your stellar copy, so do not solely rely on it to make the sale. Instead, add a few trust elements and factors to your landing page: genuine articles snippets, product reviews, client testimonials and recognisable badges will instil trust, recognition and a hint of loyalty in no time.

Making them clearly separated from your copy and close to your call-to-action element will favour a click.

Explain what’s next – keep your promises

Before and immediately after the click, you will need to clearly explain what your prospect will get from you. A confirmation email? A phone call from your sales team the next business day? Login details to your demo platform? This has to be made perfectly clear at this stage. And above all, keep your promises. Do not deceive your prospects: they are your new ambassadors!

Measure everything

Should you choose to rely on Google Analytics, heatmaps or A/B testing platforms, ensure that you use the wealth of information that your landing pages offer. Only a light element variation could mean a massive difference in conversion rates, so keep a very close eye on results from your campaign and changes you made on your landing pages.

A Search Engine Marketing landing page is like a job interview: be yourself, know you are talking to, show your best assets and learn from your experience. Only then will you be able to reap the rewards from a successful campaign!

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