Importance of Hiring an SEM Company

Working with an SEM company is the way forward – we show you seven reasons why.

A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company specialises in online marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) through the use of Search Engine Optimisation – SEO (organic search) and Pay-Per-Click –PPC (paid search). By using a combination of online strategies, you can create cost-effective, affordable and measurable campaigns – find out more about SEM agencies.


It can be more economical to work with a full-service SEM agency that can package in several different online services rather than commissioning separate companies to give you a separate quote for each one. You can also get the most for your marketing dollars to make sure the SEO and PPC campaigns are working together and not cannibalising each other’s efforts such as targeting the same keywords.

Increased visibility and credibility

Working with an SEM company can cover all bases to improve your visibility and exposure in terms of people finding your listings online. You can increase future sales opportunities by widening your net with different online strategies, allowing more people to hear about your company via different online strategies. A professional SEM strategy can help give your business credibility and strengthen its professional reputation.

Targeted campaigns

With professional SEM campaigns unlike a lot of offline marketing strategies, you can precisely target the right demographic groups, maximising sales opportunities. An expert SEM company understands that traffic generation is not just about showing you big numbers but more about your website attracting genuine customers at all stages of the buying cycle from researching products through to enquiries and the final conversion phase.

Measurable results

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns such as print advertisement, television commercials and public relations campaigns which are not always easy to measure, an experienced SEM company can help you set realistic benchmarks for campaigns, give you (usually) monthly progress reports with measurable results, so that you can always see how your efforts are faring and tweak campaigns accordingly.


When you employ the same online marketing company to work across different campaigns, there is integration and uniformity across all your strategies. One of the biggest impacts SEM firm can have on your business is the opportunity to build your online brand. Branding is all about repetition and reinforcement and by using the same company for your online strategies, there is cohesion and consistency across your online platforms.

Competitive advantage

Hiring an SEM company that can look after all your online marketing needs is a huge competitive advantage. They will be able to give you independent advice about what strategy(s) are right for your business without pushing any particular products and services – they also understand that SEO or PPC is just one part of the equation to a successful online marketing campaign.

Looking at the bigger picture

Working with a SEM company can help you take a bigger picture mentality with your online marketing campaigns. The one company can help you with all aspects of your internet strategies and create a synergy across all your different campaigns. There are many different elements a business can use to put together a well-rounded online SEM campaign to achieve their online marketing goals.
These are just some of the many benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). At Internet Intelligence Works, we believe in the importance of using a multi-channel approach to online marketing campaigns. Contact the web strategists at our SEM company who can show you how a quality online marketing campaign increase your Search Engine visibility, drive pre-qualified traffic to your website and improve your online revenue.

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