The benefits of working with an SEO company

You have hired an SEO company to work with your marketing team to optimise your website but how do you maximise your investment?

Outsourcing an SEO company to assist your marketing team should be seen as an investment. Like anything, it is possible to keep SEO in-house but optimising your website can almost be a full time for your marketing team alone. However, having said that, even a basic overview of how SEO works can prevent any problems from arising and would allow you to reap the full investment and advantages of commissioning an SEO agency. Here are five benefits of hiring an SEO expert.

Dedicated SEO expert

Engaging an SEO company can take a huge chunk out of your budget but trying to optimise your website when you’re not an authority in SEO can take a huge chunk out of your day and it may not be your only role. By commissioning an SEO firm, you are bringing in a consultant who is solely focused on SEO, has a specialist knowledge and expertise and is only a call or email away.

Freeing up your resources

Hiring an SEO company can free up your marketing team but you will still have full control of the SEO campaign and oversee the SEO expert. Maximise your SEO investment by providing as much information, images and other material to assist your SEO consultant do their job. An SEO firm has the expertise, resources and experience and will work hand in hand with your marketing team to implement a fully-fledged SEO campaign without taking up valuable office space or draining your resources.

Bringing a fresh perspective

Hiring an independent SEO company can bring a new and fresh perspective to your SEO activities. SEO experts can look past the obvious and expand your list of keywords, find new and innovative ways to add content to your website and think of interesting and original blog article ideas instead of recycling the same ideas with different keywords over and over again.

Drawing on a pool of resources

A full-service SEO agency may be able to draw on additional resources such as SEO copywriters, a link building team and Web developers and sell their services as a package rather than you having to source this individually and potentially paying more for each service. Alternatively, an SEO expert can work with copywriters and Web developers within your marketing team to execute a successful SEO strategy.

Empowering your staff

Depending on your resources, an SEO company may be brought into initially to create an SEO strategy which is then implemented on an ongoing basis by an in-house marketing team. Ideally an SEO agency will almost become a part of your online marketing team, share their knowledge and expertise, help you attain the most from your investment and help you move forward with ongoing SEO campaigns.

Done well, a collaboration of a consultant’s SEO expertise and your marketing team’s in-depth industry knowledge can result in creating a success SEO strategy. At Internet Intelligence Works, SEO is a team effort and our SEO company is drawing on a large resource pool of SEO consultants, SEO copywriters, link strategists and a Web design team that work together to create successful SEO campaigns.

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