Big Data Analytics

Make better advertising decisions…

Big Data does give you all the answers, often too many answers, so the challenge for business is to ask the right questions. The problem for many businesses is they don’t know which questions to ask…when it comes to digital advertising, we do know the questions to ask, and the answers to expect.

ERP, Accounting or CRM platforms tend to have quite conventional data structures. Other data sources may include website analytics data, server logs, clickstream data, social media activity reports, phone records and even information captured by sensors.

Big data analytics takes both structured and unstructured information and assembles correlations into multi-dimensional clusters which then form the foundation for decision making as a key part of a digital strategy.

Our job…

Cross match Big Data analysis outputs to enable tightly focused digital advertising targeting

Our process…

Although every Big Data Consulting assignment is always unique, typically our advice is structured around the following core elements:

  • Review existing Big Data analysis outputs
  • Uncover hidden marketing related patterns
  • Discover previously unknown correlations
  • Explore relationships between data clusters
  • Create data-driven customer personas
  • Map patterns and correlations to customer personas
  • Cross reference customer personas to digital media matrices
  • Determine creative executions to match digital marketing or remarketing needs

Big Data analysis allows marketers to make better decisions, which then allow their customers to make better informed decisions through highly targeted campaigns.

At iiWorks we work with you to help interrogate Big Data and make truly informed digital marketing decisions.

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