Digital Advertising

On 27 October 1994 the first banner ad
was published on a website…

Fast forward to today and billions of ad impressions, views and clicks are generated daily in the digital arena – Google Adwords alone generates over six billion ad impressions and three hundred million plus clicks. Online audiences and advertising volumes now exceed broadcast TV.

The daunting challenge for marketers and messengers is that the traditional linear approach to advertising development that suited mass marketing media is no longer effective. Changes in our community, economics and society, both demographically and geographically have irreversibly disrupted “the market”; your customer has always been an individual but until recently you were unable to have one-to-one communication.

Our job…

To demystify digital advertising and deliver measurable results to our clients

Our process…

For every assignment we start from a clean sheet…and we always start with three core questions:

  • Why…
    • Exploring the motivations behind your need for digital advertising now
  • What if…
    • Imagining alternative possibilities and choosing solutions
  • How…
    • Creating solutions to reach and connect with your target audience

Once we all agree on the answers to those initial questions then the financials, strategies and tactics immediately start to flow…we then add in the creative elements, determine the delivery mechanisms and media, produce your ads and put in place the means to measure the outcomes and you have a cohesive digital advertising solution that is ready to test, tweak and then execute.

Our ultimate test on the merits of every campaign is our…

be SMART think BIG act FAST measure ALL do GOOD and be HAPPY™

…philosophy, which we will happily expand on when we chat with you – so let’s chat.

Our Partners

iiWorks is proud to Partner with some of the world’s leading Digital Marketing solutions and networks, working together to deliver exceptional results for our Clients around the globe.

  • Google
  • Sempo
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Wordpress
  • Marin Software

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Serving clients located around the globe including Australia, USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, our team at iiWorks has the experience and expertise you need to dominate the online channel and maximise your online revenues.