Twitter – A Whole New You

Twitter 2.0 and Your Brand

No matter where you personally stand with the new Twitter profile design, there’s no denying that this latest update has the potential to be a big win for brands.

Recognizing that we live in a highly visual world, Twitter finally pushed text-heavy tweets slightly out of the spotlight and allowed for larger images and headers to take the lead. The sleek new design also allows brands to flaunt the best of their Twittersphere history—tweets with the most engagement, tweets with images or videos attached, and even a carefully selected “Pinned Tweet.” Here’s what you can expect this update to bring to the marketing table:

Bigger and Better Header

The days of having a small header are over—now say hello to a brand new, eye-catching header that stretches across the entire profile page. Also, when you view your list of followers, you will now be able to see their header images displayed along with their profile images. When choosing an image to use for your brand’s header, try to think about how you’ll appear in other users’ lists. Is the image visually appealing and in high resolution? Does it tell an accurate story about your brand and represent you as a whole? The header is the focal point of the new Twitter profile, or in other words, it’s a brand’s first impression to potential followers.


Emphasis on Photos

In terms of user engagement, photos outperform all other link types on Twitter. Website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr and Pinterest links tend to fall by the wayside because they are attached links instead of visible images, so they aren’t nearly as shareable. Up to four images can now be shared in a single tweet, and up to ten people can be tagged in a photo without affecting the 140 character limit. For brands, this means that you can tell a compelling visual story without making your followers click on another link. Add authenticity to your brand by sharing the highlights of an event you hosted or offering a sneak peak of a new product. Pictures not only give fans a glimpse behind the scenes, but they also give fans something that they will be more likely to share with their friends.

Pinned Tweets

At any given minute, thousands upon thousands of tweets are being published, which means that the shelf life of any individual tweet is not very long. Now you can take advantage of Pinned Tweets to prevent your brand’s message from getting lost in the shuffle. Are you offering a giveaway, running a sale, or just have some really awesome company news to share? Click on the three dots dropdown to pin the tweet to your profile page so that it will be the first tweet that visitors see on your profile. You can only have one Pinned Tweet at a time, so choose wisely—use it to post timely information that you think will garner the most attention from your audience.

Best Tweets

If you scroll through your profile stream, you’ll notice that certain tweets are in larger font—this means that these are the tweets that received the most attention in the form of retweets, replies, favorites, etc. At the very least, this is a great tool for marketers to use when developing a content strategy; this will give brand managers an idea of what content receives the most attention and what doesn’t do as well. Followers will also be able to get a good sense of your brand’s voice by scrolling through and seeing what your top tweets are focused on.

Twitter also added some user friendly features such as filtered tweets, which gives visitors the option to choose which stream they want to view—the basic Twitter stream, the photo and video only stream, or the tweets and replies stream. This eliminates the hassle of having to scroll through an entire stream of jumbled replies and retweets, and it will give brand managers a more efficient way of monitoring the content that’s being posted.

Letting pictures do most of the talking may be a small step for the folks at Twitter, but it could be a huge step in the right direction for brands. It may take some getting used to and you may need to go back in and clean up your Twitter profile, but with the right strategy, you can master the art of storytelling and set the right tone for your brand.

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